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Jiliko well known and reputable online casino that has been serving players since it got online in 2022. Jiliko has also develop casino games that will keep you entertain and rewards you at the same time. 

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Jiliko Overview

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Marquee Holdings Company Limited



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  • Diverse selection of  entertaining casino games
  • The platform is full of Promotion and Bonuses available for players to claim
  • Efficient and friendly Live Support available 24/7
  • Trustworthy online casino platform
  • Licensed by regulatory bodies


  • Some bonuses requires application to before claiming.
  • The withdrawals need a bit of time.

JILIKO service review

Jiliko home page
Jiliko home page

The online gambling sites popularity has been increasing at a tremendous rate in recent years. The advancement of technologies plays a huge part in this growth in the market. One of the sites that has become popular in recent years is Jiliko. This is not surprising that Jiliko would be on the list, as the site is well known for its fast and user-friendly services.

Jiliko is highly respected and one of the leading online casino in the Phillipines. The site has a wide range of selections of games. You can play the most popular video games such as Slots, Live Casino, Fishing Games, Sports Betting, and Arcade games. Several Media outles has also mentioned that Jiliko has one of the best Slot Machine Game in several categories.

The site is committed to providing a great experience to every user. The security is also one of their priority which made them one of the trustworthy online gambling sites in the Philippines.


With so many online casino available today, the selection of best site to play with is very crucial. Factors should be considered, such as features, interfaces, design, connectivity, etc. Having a user-friendly interfaces is important specially to those player who is just starting their journey in online gaming.

Jiliko game developers has been providing the best gaming experience since it got online. What sets them apart from other competitors is their user-friendly interfaces. The games availabe to play are not complicated with intructions available for users.

The layout of games are very simple but well designed. The graphics are attractive and this ensures a great gaming experience even if your just new or an experience user.


When it comes to gaming experience, comprehension is very important. This allows players to fully understand the game. Having English as a language improves the gaming experience.

Having English as the language on the website allows communication, this also allows players to understand tutorials and instructions for games. 

Jiliko online casino fully understands the importance of communication. The goal is to make an accessible online gaming platform which is why they supported the use of the English language. They want everyone to be able to access the site with confidence.

JILIKO Application

The online casino market has been growing rapidly in recent years. With more people using their devices to gamble, creating a very accesible application is vital.

One of the reasons why Jiliko casino is one of the leading online casinos in the Philippines is its application. The app is very accesible and user-friendly. It also maintains a fast and stable application while offering a wide range of thrilling games, available for users to play with. 

Aside from having a stable and fast application, they also made sure that everyone could download their application. They made the application available to Android and iOS users. Players can also login to their website.

Payment method

As the popularity of online casinos increases, the demand for digital payment has also increased. Ensuring a seamless and secure experience is important when you enter the thrilling journey of online casinos. In order to ensure this, you have to understand how payment method works.

As one of the most trustworthy online casino sites in the Philippines, Jiliko offers a wider range of payment methods and a fast cashout. Payment methods available are E-wallets like Gcash, and Grabpay. Online banking; RCBC, BPI, and UBP.

Security is also a priority in Jiliko. With the use of the latest encryption technology, this ensures that personal and financial information is secured.

JILIKO Promotion

Jiliko is one of the most generous when it comes to promotions and bonuses. Players are given with different opportunities they can take advantage of. The goal is to provide a fun gaming experience for everyone.

Jiliko regularly runs promotions and bonuses. New player are given a headstart with their welcome and first deposit bonuses. Loyal players are also rewarded with a variety of bonuses such as daily and weekly bonuses.

With the thriving success of online casinos, everyone taking opportunities to stand out from the rest. One of the most effective strategies in this business is providing bonuses and promotions. It is highly recommended to look for a reputable online casino that provides you with an excellent gaming experience and rewards you at the same time.

JILIKO products review

Over the years the advancement of technology has been evolving, and online casino has also become the favorite activity of people. With the growing industry of online casinos, companies need to have an extensive library of casino games. 

The business stays competitive when it comes to providing a gaming experience. As one of the leading online casinos in the Philippines, Jiliko is a one-stop shop when it comes to casino games.

Jiliko is known for its diverse selection of casino games. You can play the most famous games such as Slots, Fishing Game, Poker, and more. Now if you are looking for a more engaging gaming experience, you may try their Live casino. Live Casino games are streamed in real time with real dealers to enhance engagement.

JILIKO Sports betting

Sports is one of the largest industries with over 100,000 events throughout the year. This is also the reason why sports betting has gained popularity in the industry of online casinos. 

When it comes to sports betting, Jiliko is one of the top-notch sites to bet on. The site has a wide range selection of sports events to bet on. They are offering almost any sports event in the market. On this site, you can bet on a pre-match and even betting on live events is available.

In online sports betting, researching is important before proceeding. There are different types of bets you can make in, a good example of this is Football. In Football, there are different bet types; Straight/Money Line Bets, Point Spreads, First-Half/Halftime Bets, Over/Under/Total, Parlays, etc. With that said, understanding the rules of the game can also enhance the chance of your winnings.


You can’t think of an online casino without a Slot game. Slot games have been the most popular casino games ever. This game is much loved by everyone because of how easily it can be played, you also do not need experience in order to enjoy the game.

Jiliko has outstanding Slot games available with over 1000 different titles. Each Jiliko slot online casino game brings you a unique experience with different themes.

They have the best features, you can find all sorts of Slot games from classic to new slot games. Games are well designed but with a simple interface so players can enjoy the game without complications.


Fishing game has become popular in online casino due to its thrilling and rewarding experience. To play a fishing game you need to deposit money and use that as your ammunition to catch fish. Catching fish gives out points which can be exchanged to money.

When it comes to Fishing Games Jiliko is one of the best options. It lets you enjoy playing and earn money. The site has several Fishing games available and each has its own theme. 

Fishing game is very rewarding and fun to play. In order to earn big you have to be precise on shooting fish on the table. Aiming for large fish can give you a high score which also means big rewards. 


Sabong has been taking the interest of people and making it available online to revolutionize the industry. When it comes to the best live Sabong site Jiliko is one of it. 

They uses an interface that is very easy to understand. The site allows you to bet while being entertained by live cockfighting.

Players can choose from betting options; Meron, Wala, or Draw. Jiliko also gives you the freedom of how much you want to deposit. You don’t have to worry if you are just starting with Sabong. The site has a guide available for players to read.

Live Casino

Live Casino has grown at a tremendous rate in recent years. This success of Live casino was possible thanks to different technologies that are shaping the future of online casinos.

Live streaming is very exciting to play it realtime and interact with a real dealer, just like playing in a land base casino. Jiliko is not new to this. Jiliko has been offering this feature with different games to play. These games can vary from Roullete, Blackjack, Baccarat, and more.

Jiliko live casino provides you with high-definition graphics, and cameras are set up at different angles. Cameras in different angles allow you to follow and monitor every action of the dealer.

Other betting products at JILIKO

One of the main features of a great online casino is its casino games. Most of them feature the most popular games such as Slot Games, Fishing Games, Live Casino, etc. Jiliko is one of these companies the provides you with excellent online casino games. However, they also bring arcade games that players can explore and enjoy.

Jiliko has introduced to its players that classice arcade games. The site houses a variety of 2D arcade games like Bingo, Scratch Cards, and more.

Software developers of Jiliko ensure that there are different games for players to enjoy. Their priority is the gaming experience which is why they continue to develop new casino games.

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JILIKO customer support information

Customer satisfaction is the key in order to retain players. A satisfied customer can also be a brand ambassador as they can share their experience with other people. 

Jiliko understands the importance of customer satisfaction. The site has a dedicated customer support team available 24/7. Support is available through live chat so you won’t feel as if you are just talking to a robot.

Feedback and suggestions are important for Jiliko. They are also encouraging users to share their ideas or comments. They are very committed to providing satisfaction. 


Jiliko has proven its claim as one of the leading casinos in the Philippines. Having a wide range of selection games with unique themes and designs makes them a reputable site.

They are not only providing entertaining casino games, they also reward players. Everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of their promotions and rewards available to be claimed. 

Satisfaction has been their priority aswell. They ensure that every player is supported. They have friendly support team that are ready to assist you anytime.

What kind of casino games can you play in Jiliko?

Jiliko has Slots, Live Casino, Fish Shooting Games, Card Table Games, Sports Betting, or Sabong betting, 

Registration process?

Click on the registration button, input your details, and you’re ready to go and play.

What are the payment methods?

You can use E-Wallets such as GCASH, Grabpay, or online bank through UBP, BPI, RCBC

Are there promotions available?

We run daily bonuses, weekly bonuses, and deals featuring exciting rewards such as free bets and other high-value prizes.

Is this safe?

Information security is a priority. We are using the lastest technology for data encryption. In addition, Jiliko is licensed by regulatory bodies.