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Superace88 offers variety of high quality casino games. The application and website are stable and fast. System are highly optimized to provide you with the highest quality gaming experience. Super88 is legal and license ensuring fair and safe gaming environment.

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  • Fast and stable application and website.
  • Impressive portfolio of high quality games.
  • Fair and Safe gaming environment.
  • Responsive customer support available 24/7


  • High definition application and website require devices to have a quality operating system.

SUPERACE88 service review

SuperAce88 home page
SuperAce88 home page

Superace88 is one of the leading online casino platforms in the Philippines. The platform has become popular because of its portfolio of casino games. Superace88 features the most popular games like Blackjack, Poker, Fishing Game, Slots, and more.
Superace88 is a Legal and Legitimate which is recognized by regulatory bodies. To ensure fairness in every game the platform uses Random Number Generator (RNG). Also, there are various payment methods to make it easy for players to deposit and withdraw, and players are rewarded regularly.
The registration is relatively easy and will only require a few pieces of information. Upon completing the registration, the players will receive rewards such as Welcome bonuses.

Interface and app are highly optimized and works well with most of devices. The graphics are very high quality but also easy to understand because of how menus are laid out. The platform is user-friendly compared to other sites that are laid out in a complicated way.
Navigating through the app or website is relatively easy. You can easily find the best game that suits your preferences. The games are laid out nicely and organized.

The games are carefully designed with each having unique themes giving you a thrilling and exciting experience.


Language is one of the most essential elements in online casino platforms. The online casino is a vast network, and comprehension is a crucial factor. What’s great is that Superace88 supports this idea and provides 2 language options; Filipino and English. 
Communication in this industry is important, this will help users to easily navigate the platform and have a better understanding of the menus.
As on the the leading platforms in the Philippines, Superace88 provides the best options to the users so everyone can enjoy and explore the wide array of casino games.

SUPERACE88 Application

Superace88 made it convenient for players to explore and enjoy a wide array of casino games. The site and mobile app are highly optimized for most of the devices. The games have excellent graphics compared to other competitors.
The Superace88 app is highly optimized that deliver a faster and more enjoyable experience. The Casino games are very accesible and players do not need to worry about glitches while playing.
Superace88 does not just focus on a stable and reliable app. They also made sure that there were a lot of selections of casino games available. With just one tap away you can experience the thrill and excitement.

Payment method

Superace88 payment options are well-varied to provide convenience. For those who prefer the traditional way of payment, online banking is available. Superace88 also recognizes the popularity of using E-wallets so players can use their Gcash, Paymaya, and Grabpay.
Superace88 made it easy for players with its straightforward features. You just simply go to your account details and link your E-wallet or bank.
Players do not need to worry, Superace88 is safe and secured. A dedicated team monitors every action in all areas to ensure security. They also have the best encryption technology to protect personal and financial information.

SUPERACE88 Promotion

For seekers of exciting rewards and bonuses in their online gaming experience, Superace88 offers an array range of promotions. New and regular players can benefit from these promotions. 
Superace88 offers welcome bonuses for new players to give them a headstart on their thrilling journey in online casinos. These bonuses are purposely made to enhance their experience, giving them an opportunity to explore a wide variety of games.
Superace88 offers a diverse range of promotions. Player seeking exciting rewards to boost their gaming experience, must check out this platform. Whether you’re a new or experienced player Superace88 got something special for players.

SUPERACE88 products review

Superace88 casino has massive popularity in the Philippines. The platform has an extensive selection of games. Players are welcome to enter the exciting realm of online casino games while getting rewarded with high-paying titles. You cannot find these kind of thrilling experience anywhere.
The selection of games in Superace88 stands out among others. Their casino games echo uniqueness with their high-quality graphics and themes. Games are immersive with each having special effects, whether it’s 3D or 2D the design will bring you an enthralling experience.
You can enjoy its wide portfolio of casino games; Slot Games, Table Games, Baccarat, Poker, Fishing game, and more. They also feature an engaging Live casino that surely delivers a real casino-like experience virtually. Live casino is very exciting as deals are real-time and you can interact with real-time dealers. Superace88 provides rewarding outcomes with great payouts.

Superace88 Sports betting

Sports betting has grown at a tremendous rate, it becomes one of the most popular features in online casino platforms. This is not a surprise as sports events are very wide and popular with people. Superace88 delivers a broad selection of sports betting options. 
Superace88 is a competitive bookmaker, they feature betting on pre-match or live game events. The platform allows you to bet on any sport you can think of such as Basketball, Tennis, Football, Boxing, Hockey, and even E-Sports. The interface of Superace88 is relatively easy to comprehend. So players do not need to worry about getting lost in the world of sports betting. 
Betting in sports events requires a bit of research, this is to enhance your winning chances. There are different types of bets you need to familiarize. Getting familiarized with how to bet on different odds is really important to boost your winning chances.


Fishing Game is giving this unique thrilling experience of shooting and catching fishes. In the Fishing Game, there are vast selection of fish to catch with each having unique rewards. The mechanics of the game are relatively easy to comprehend. These are the elements that made the Fishing Game popular with people.
When it comes to Fishing Games, Superace88 stands out. Their app and website are highly optimized so every version is well designed with unique themes and fishes to catch. The platform has the most immersive gameplay and stunning graphics.
The idea of shooting games is very simple. First, you need to deposit and you will use your funds as ammunition to catch the fish. It is important to keep in mind that the bullets you are using are your funds, so you have to be precise and selective in catching fish. Each fish’s value depends on its size and rarity. Small fish have the least reward and bigger fish provide more rewards. You will be sitting in a pool full of fish so it’s important to keep track.


Superace88 has a vast Slots portfolio. Each slot is balanced with the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure fairness in every game. Slots on the platform are very rewarding and thrilling. The platform has a broad selection of Slot Games from traditional and modern Slots with each guaranteeing a unique experience.
Payline is one of the best features in Superace88 Slot Games. The number of lines, wild symbols, and special symbols determines the payout. Superace88 slots is full of rewards, they provide bonus rounds, free spins, and extras giving players a chance to win some money.
Anyone can try slot games and give it a go. People are drawn to Slot games because of how easy it is to play. It is very easy to get carried away when playing this game, with that said it is important that you play responsibly. You have to set limits on the amount you will spend in a game.


Sabong online is a well-known betting casino game, this is digital and allows players to bet and watch virtually with the use of the internet. Superace88 made it convenient for bettors with its optimized application and website. Players can access matches in live stream format through an app or website.
Superace888 feeds you with real-time Sabong video which allows players to bet and watch in the comfort of their home with just the use of devices. You have to create an account and deposit funds If you want to participate in this exciting experience. Creating an account with Superace88 is relatively easy; click on the register button, enter your information, and make a deposit.
There would be types of bets you can make in online Sabong. You use your funds to bet on the outcome of the match. You can bet on either of the 2 Cocks, or place your bet in Draw. Superace88 displays the odds for each bet before the match to ensure transparency.


Live casino has emerged in the growing industry of online casino. One of the best features of Superace88 is its engaging Live casino. This method gives the players a more realistic casino experience just like playing in a real casino but virtually. This method of gaming was possible through live streaming and with the use of advanced technology.
Live casino deals are real-time so you get to see how cards are distributed or how dice are rolled to ensure the fairness of games. Aside from real-time deals, you get to also interact with live dealers and even communicate with them.
Superace88 supports Live streaming gaming and players do not have to worry about glitches as the app and website are optimized. Superace88 uses advanced technology to support live-streaming video.

Other betting products at SUPERACE88

Superace88 is well well-known venue for the most exciting casino games. However, Superace88 innovation does not only focus on the most common casino games. The platform has partnered with trusted software developers developing an array of games for players to explore.
The platform wants to provide alternative other games to players. These other games available are equally entertaining and thrilling as those popular casino games. 
Superace88 offers a wide selection of other games such as Tongits Go, Mines, Pusoy Go, Color game, and more. These games are well-designed and user-friendly. The games are entertaining and equally rewarding. 

SUPERACE88 customer support information

The online casino has been offering convenient ways to explore a wide variety of casino games using mobile devices or desktops. Convenience is one of the best elements that online casino has been offering, this is the reason why its popularity has increased in recent years. However, just like any other business, players could also encounter issues and problems. This is where the role of customer support enters.
In this competitive industry, satisfaction is important to retain players. Superace88 understands well this element and has built a specially trained team of customer support to assist customers. The platform’s customer support can be accessed through live chat and is available 24/7.
Satisfaction is the priority of Superace88. The platform ensures that players are assisted with their questions, inquiries, and issues. Agents are responsive and friendly and will respond 24/7 to all queries to resolve any concerns.


Overall, Superace88 is a top-notch and one of the leading online casino platforms in the Philippines. The platform has a lot to offer, from its vast range of casino games to promotions and bonuses available. Whether you want a relaxed gaming experience or more engaging, Superace88 got your back. The application and the website are well designed and players do not need to worry about glitches when playing. With its highly optimized system, it outshines other platforms. Superace88 has proven its reputation as one of the best platforms available today.

Do you have guides for games?

On the homepage, you can select the name of the game you wish to play. Look for the u003cstrongu003eHelp u003c/strongu003ebutton for more information.

Is this site legit?

Superace88 is regulated by Regulatory bodies and complies with all applicable laws in the industry.

How can we get rewards and bonuses?

Superace88 is very generous when it comes to rewards. They are frequently running daily and weekly bonuses. You can go to their website and check out the Promotion page to know better.

What are the games available?

Superace88 has a wide portfolio of casino games. You can play Slot games, Fishing Games, Card games, Table games, and even betting on your favorite sports event.

How will I contact the support?

Customer support is ready to assist you with any inquires. They are available 24/7 and can be access through live chat in the app or website.