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Are you ready to experience the thrill and fun in Milyon88? This review will let you know the majority of positives and minor negatives of this online casino. Behold!

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Milyon88 Overview

Information about Milyon88


Founded by

Zapport Services Inc.


Makati City, Philippines

Founded year





  • Great website and mobile app experience
  • Diverse betting products: sports, lottery, online casino,…
  • Support a variety of methods of deposit/payment
  • Welcome Bonus


  • Players can enter the wrong address if not checked correctly…

Milyon88 service review

milyon88 home page
milyon88 home page

Milyon88 has truly transformed the gambling experience, offering many promotions and bonuses and known as the most advantageous gaming site in the Philippines. This online casino has the convenience that players see as the most appealing aspect in any casino.

Experience a vast array of games that can be played from anywhere, at any time which means you will not need to travel to a physical casino. 

Add a sweet twist in playing with Milyon88 by visiting their promotions page. Milyon88 regularly updates their promotions page to make sure everyone who plays it will never get outdated.


What more can a player ask for with Milyon88 online casino? It has the most easy-to-use interface which greatly enhances the overall gaming experience of each users. 

Even if played using PC or mobile phone, the online casino can be accessed seamleassly without encountering any interface errors along the way. 

This feature improves the user’s experience, making it more enjoyable and convenient to play.


Milyon88 offers two languages majorly used in the Philippines which is Filipino and English. 

Language selection feature gives the audience the freedom to choose the language they prefer and understand easily. This makes sure that players enjoy because they understand the casino’s terms and conditions.

Overall, these languages can cater to a diverse audience making the experience more accessible and enjoyable.

Milyon88 Application

There are several aspects Milyon88 can boast in terms of mobile application that makes quality and suitability one of player’s gaming preferences.

As tried with many different versions of Android and iOS devices, Milyon88 mobile app is compatible to different mobile devices and operating systems.

The interface when using the mobile app is very prestigious yet easy to use bragging the colors used and the how the icons was placed makes it very easy to naviagate.

Payment method

Who would have thought that this simple yet prestigious online casino has the speedy, safest and easiest self deposit and withdrawal method? Yes, it is true. 

Milyon88 online casino’s variety of payment methods has no fees. One more good thing that cannot be considered as bad thing is that there are deposit and withdrawal limits. Limits can make players play responsibly.

And also in the event that players encounter errors, their customer service are ready to help 24/7 as fast as the lightning.

Milyon88 Promotion

If a player is looking for more promotions and bonuses, Milyon88 is something someone could add on their lists. 

From welcome bonus, download app bonus, to the ongoing promotions, Milyon88 has something to offer to every player.

Milyon88’s promotions can really enhance the overall gaming experience and provide added value to players. Some of these can be easily claimed through the 24/7 customer service.

Milyon88 products review

Milyon88 offers a wide range of betting products which makes it more fun and enjoyable. Slot games, Bingo, Fishing, Live, Sabong, Sport, Lottery and other games, try it all and be entertained while earning. 

Some maybe not your typical game but like what is stated above, it has a wide variety of games that you can choose from that makes the experience even better.

Combined with the latest technology, Milyon88’s interface is a perfect match to all of the games available.

Milyon88 Sports betting

Sports betting has been very popular in the Philippines ever since. Offering the spectators the chance not to only watch the games live, but to also bet live which adds to the thrill while watching your favorites sports.

Milyon88 also offers a variety of sports betting options available namely, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Hockey, Cricket, Boxing and many more to mention. If you are not a fan of those mentioned, don’t worry, Milyon88 still has a lot on the list.

You will really enjoy it so you can recommend it to the majority.

MILYON88 slot games

If you are so much fond of slot games on physical casinos, worry no more. Milyon88 has slot games available in just few clicks on your mobile devices or desktop.

If you will try their very famous slot games, you will experience unlimited multipliers, spin multiple wilds, and many scatters.

The chances of winning with Milyon88’s slot games are very high and very hassle free of clicking the spin button all over again because Milyon88 have the auto-spin button.

milyon88 live games

Live games at Milyon88 is the best option for players who want to experience the thrill of playing in an online casino because these are streamed live which allows players to interact while on play.

The most common live games like blackjack, baccarat, live roulette, and many more are available here.

You can really observe the game real-time. But just be mindful, you need to have a stable internet connection when playing live games.

milyon88 Sabong

Cockfighting or famously known as sabong in the Philippines is something everyone gets excited when learnt about this. 

Like the live games, sabong can also be viewed live. Two gamecocks are seen fighting and sometimes a controversial activity due to animal welfare concerns.

Milyon88 is reviewed to be reputable and licensed to operate so it is safe because it adheres to responsible gambling practices and complies with relevant regulations. 

milyon88 bingo

Typically, a bingo is played in a room while someone shakes a bottle full of numbers and announces the picked number and letter.

With Milyon88, it is also almost the same. It features a virtual bingo card and a digital bingo caller, replicating the experience of playing in a traditional bingo hall.

All in all, Milyon88 bingo brings so much fun virtually.

Other betting products at Milyon88

Out of all the mentioned betting products, there are more other games available to play at Milyon88 online casino.

Assorted games can be found in the option “Other Game” and will bring you to the world of entertainment.

Mines, baccarat, tongits, spin bingo, name it! Milyon88 has a lot to offer every players and you will never get boring.

Milyon88 customer support information

This is the factor any player would always have a great impact with every online casino. It is very important for a customer support to respond to the players as soon as possible.

Upon experience, Milyon88’s estimated response time is less than 5 minutes which is not bad unlike the other online casinos which takes an hour or more to respond.

This is something Milyon88 can brag whenever errors or problems come up during the play.


Overall, Milyon88 is just a perfect casino to anyone looking for a vast array of games. Not only convenience but you are also sure that it has reputation and fully licensed. 

If you want to check out more about Milyon88, open the site mentioned above and experience the same thrill and excitement.

Is Milyon88 licensed and reputable?

Milyon88 has undergone all the necessary steps for an online casino to operate. You can read and check it on their website.

Does Milyon88 adhere to data privacy act of the Philippines?

Milyon88 protects the rights of their players to make sure that they will feel secured. Private information will only be used solely fo rits main purposes.

Does Milyon88 have many games to choose from?

Yes. It has a vast array of game options to choose from. You will never get bored with the same games all over again.

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